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Django & Python
Compugoal’s developers have extensive experience with the Python programming language, from writing the simplest scripts for efficiently completing tasks to building complex, stable, and scalable web applications, using our database expertise and cross-disciplinary hosting skills.
We’ve worked with a wide range of Python libraries, frameworks, and plugins, including Django, Flask, Tastypie, Mezzanine, Cartridge, and rospy.
Django is a high-level open source Python web framework for rapidly developing engaging websites large and small. Among its powerful features are its object-relational database mapper, page template system, turn-key backend admin interface, and internationalization.
Broad Expertise
Creating a robust Django application requires more than knowledge of Django and Python; it requires expertise in database, hosting matters, as well as usability, ecommerce, marketing, search engine optimization, and much more. Across the scope of our team, we have experts in all of these areas.
We have extensive experience scaling up databases and web applications as our clients grow. Your data is the heart of your business, and our database team can apply intimate database architecture knowledge to build Django applications with organized, consistent data. Where appropriate we employ database-specific features to enforce business rules or increase performance.
Compugoal’s developers know the ins and outs of ecommerce and can advise you on all aspects, including promotions, merchandising, search, inventory management, fulfillment, third-party integrations, and much more.
Django’s principled design philosophies fit well with Compugoal’s own web and database development practices. Coupled with version control and DevCamps, our easy staging and testing environments, your application will be easy to manage, maintain, and improve even as you add more developers and features.
Ruby on Rails
Compugoal offers Ruby on Rails services to help your website succeed now while remaining easy to maintain and expand in the future. Take advantage of our expertise building scalable database-backed applications, and our deployment and hosting support.
Rails is a mature development framework that broke new ground with helpful conventions that speed common architecture and development tasks. Rails implements a convention over configuration MVC framework with a rich plugin interface and out-of-the-box unit testing. In the right hands, Rails can dramatically cut time for new website development.
Compugoal has developed complex Rails applications in ecommerce, large-scale content management systems (CMS), health data management, location-based services, and others for our clients. We are also experienced with lighter-weight frameworks such as Sinatra, when Rails is more than you need.
Database Design
Compugoal understands that your data is your business. Our developers apply our database architecture and design experience to build Rails applications with organized accurate data that sets your business on the path to success.
Secure and High Performance Hosting
Compugoal has experience with all major Rails hosting methods, including the popular Unicorn and Passenger on cloud, dedicated, and shared servers, and multi-tenant hosting such as Heroku. We know both standard Ruby (MRI) and JRuby, and in standard and custom packaged RPM/Yum, rbenv, and rvm. We can help you get the manageable, scalable, and secure hosting environment you need.
Perl & Interchange
Compugoal has a long history with Perl. In fact, our first dynamic websites were written in Perl around 1997. We moved beyond CGI scripts to the Interchange application server to custom MVC frameworks and then POE, Catalyst, and Dancer. We still support many Perl applications and are experienced migrating to newer Perl and CPAN modules versions and troubleshooting performance problems.
E-commerce expertise
Our developers also know the ins and outs of ecommerce with Perl and can advise you on usability, promotions, merchandising, marketing, SEO, search, inventory management, fulfillment, and much more.
Customizations to set you apart
With some other ecommerce packages, you can only pick from available features and take what you get. But a business needs to stand apart from the competition. With Interchange, every aspect of your store can be customized and enhanced. Over the years, End Point programmers have gained experience customizing every part of Interchange. Our consultants work closely with you to design cost-effective custom solutions that deliver real value.
Your business is more than a website. Chances are you have internal systems for your inventory, fulfillment, accounting, or customer service. Compugoal’s developers can work with you to harmoniously integrate Interchange with your existing systems and third-party services to make your business run more smoothly.
Stable & scalable
Over the years Compugoal engineers have fine-tuned Interchange and other Perl codebases for maximum stability and performance. We make code work well for small sites on shared hosting accounts, mid-sized sites on dedicated servers, and large sites on dozens of load-balanced application servers backed by replicated databases. Our team can help you grow your site as fast as you need, handling millions of products and hundreds of thousands of transactions on a daily basis. With Compugoal, your business won’t outgrow your website.
JavaScript on the Server
Node.js is built on the V8 JavaScript engine from Google. It enables developers to build fast and scalable web applications that often outperform other server-side technologies. Node.js applications are written in JavaScript.
Community & NPM
The Node.js community is extraordinarily vibrant and its members share thousands of software projects by publishing them to “npm” — the Node Package Manager and code repository. It’s common to search npm and find that someone else has already solved the problem you are working on.
Bring Legacy Applications Into the Future
Node.js excels at networking and bringing web services or the various parts of an application together. It can be added to an existing application stack and used to replace one part at a time. Its ability to respond to requests so quickly also makes it a great fit for mobile sites and single-page applications where speed and latency are critical.
Node.js Based Utilities
There are many Node.js-based tools including yarn, grunt, gulp, broccoli and webpack which make the web development process more efficient and productive. Compugoal developers take advantage of these modern build tools where possible and can assist you in adopting them in your web projects.
Compugoal has extensive experience with systems and tools built on Java. We do not typically build from scratch in Java; however, we are frequently asked to extend, rescue, and maintain systems that use it.
Beyond Java
In addition to the Java language itself, we also develop software on alternative JVM languages including Scala and Kotlin.
Some examples of Java systems that we have worked on are the Interactive Spaces framework, the Pentaho Business Analytics platform, Tomcat, Elasticsearch, Solr, and Android.
We have also helped clients resolve performance and reliability problems in Java connection pooling systems talking to databases over JDBC.
PHP is the most popular server-side web development language. Many widely-used open source web packages run on PHP, including Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Cake, Symfony, and Laravel. While it started rather modestly, PHP continues to grow and improve, with the latest PHP 7 showing dramatic performance gains compared to past versions.
An array of PHP support
Compugoal supports several PHP-based platforms, including Magento, which powers 14% of the top 10,000 ecommerce sites; MediaWiki, the content management system that powers Wikipedia; and WordPress, the world’s most widely-used content management system that powers nearly 25% of the web.
Whether your business requires support for existing PHP applications or new PHP programming, Compugoal has the expertise to assist you.
.NET is a developer platform and software framework developed by Microsoft. It can be used to develop anything from games and websites to applications for IoT, mobile, and machine learning. The language and framework are widely embraced for enterprise software. This is what many corporate developers use to make the user-facing software you use everyday.
We have a modern and ever evolving approach to .NET, which includes using .NET Core to run apps on Linux, using other databases like PostgreSQL, and incorporating front-end frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, and so on.
Full-Stack .NET Development
Compugoal’s highly qualified .NET engineers are well rounded and full-stack-capable. By virtue of our many years of combined .NET experience we have familiarity with a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, real estate, telephony, and retail.
The .NET Family of Technologies
• Entity Framework
• Razor
• C#
• .NET Framework/Core
• TeamCity for CI
• Visual Studio Unit Testing
• WinForms
• DevExpress

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