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Computer Repair & Maintenance

Computer Repair
Problems can and will arise within IT infrastructures. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Most often these problems can be simple and easy to fix with hardware or software solutions, but other times the solutions to these disasters are much more complex. COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES’s team of computer technicians each have many years of experience in dealing with and figuring out hardware problems associated with servers, desktops, laptops, and computer peripheral devices. COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES will take a look at the computer-repair problem your company is having and create a solution that works for your business.

Once a problem has been found in hardware, unless it is a very specialized device, COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES can then complete the necessary computer repairs. For example, if a workstation your company uses will not turn on and COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES determines that the issue is a faulty motherboard or power supply, we have the access to parts and part-replacement companies that will allow us to fix this problem quickly for your company. This is not only limited to workstations; if you have a laptop, server, or computer peripheral, we will take a look and either find the computer repair that gets the hardware back in working shape or, if needed, find the appropriate replacement system if the hardware is beyond repair.

Sometimes whether a software glitch or hardware issue has completely disabled a workstation, the workstation may have to be completely reloaded from scratch. This component of computer repair includes migration of software, data, and licensing information that was on the workstation before the issue. This is a time-consuming and complex task that sometimes needs to be completed in order for a business to get working again. COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES’s computer service and support is capable of providing this service for just about any situation at any company, whether in the Bangor, Maine, area or further away.

Preventative maintenance is a way to forestall computer repairs. Hardware, especially servers and printers, require routine cleanings to stay in optimal working condition. Most environments that servers, desktops, workstations, and printers are put into are not clean rooms such as you would see at research labs. Therefore a certain amount of residues, dust, and other types of buildup are going to find their way into your hardware devices. Having the inside of your devices completely coated with this dust, dirt, and debris (it is amazing how bad it can get) hurts the performance of your hardware and can significantly shorten its life. Don’t let this happen to your expensive hardware; let COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES, which has operated in Nairobi for more than 21 years, take care of this required task for your business and your hardware devices.

Our computer support packages are designed to give you complete piece of mind…
We provide a very popular home support package service which we hope you will find of interest.  A separate range of offers are available for business users.
It’s designed to give you complete peace of mind in respect of your computer and even the rest of your home technology.  You can select the support package which suits you the best and you can upgrade or cancel at any time, no commitments what so ever.

Fully automatic, unlimited “Cloud” back up on your system for up to 2 computers.
Ksh4,000 PER MONTH.

Fully automatic, unlimited “Cloud” back up on your system for up to 2 computers.
Unlimited remote/telephone support (most requests of support are answered immediately)
Ksh6, 000 PER MONTH.

Fully automatic, unlimited “Cloud” back up on your system for up to 5 computers.
Unlimited remote/telephone support (most requests of support are answered immediately)
Ongoing maintenance on your computer and software to ensure it is running to it’s maximum performance
Two call outs a year to include maintenance on your system and tuition if required.
Ksh10, 000 PER MONTH.

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