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Cyber Security Training

Corporate Training
Cyber Security Awareness Training
We provide a fresh, modern take on cyber security training and compliance. There are no complicated textbooks or unnecessary technical explanations - our narrative-based approach is designed to create memorable scenarios that you and your colleagues can relate to and learn from.
Product Benefits
• Employees will be able to detect and mitigate security risks effectively
• Managed service ensures minimal input is required from a client perspective
• Compliance with industry standards is made easy with modular content, written in line with best practise guidance outlined in industry standards
• Advanced and automated reporting features allow you to track completion for compliance reporting purposes
• Modular approach ensures that learners can complete the modules at their own pace

Modules in this package Include

(1) Perfect Passwords
This module covers…
• Why passwords are crucial to maintaining a secure business
• Guidance on how to construct a secure password
• Best practice advice on when to change passwords
• The importance of keeping passwords private

(2) PCI DSS(Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
This module covers…
• Introduction to PCI DSS
• Overview of the 12 requirements of the Standard
• Which data elements must be protected
• Processing of information with or without the cardholder present
• Individual responsibilities with regards to the protection of card holder data

(3) Identity theft
This module covers…
• Introduction to Identity Theft
• Practises that will help prevent Identity Theft
• Business practises that put companies at risk
• How to safely dispose of sensitive data

(4) Carefully Classified
This module covers…
• Why Information Classification is important for overall security
• How information is classified
• What protective markings are and how they should be applied
• Guidance on how to store restricted information securely
• Individual responsibilities regarding the disposal of information

(5) Phishing Fears
This module covers…
• How a Phishing scam works
• The repercussions of a Phishing attack
• How to avoid becoming a victim

(6) Mobile working
This module covers…
• The risks associated with using mobile devices in unprotected environments
• Methods for safe guarding information when working remotely
• Guidance on the safe storage of mobile devices
• Individual responsibilities with regards to the protection and use of mobile equipment

(7) Web Woes
This module covers…
• How to use the internet safely
• Identifying and avoiding online threats
• Accessing secure websites
• Advice when completing online forms

(8) Email Etiquette
This module covers…
• Best practice when writing emails
• A definition of SPAM and its consequences
• Legal disclaimers

(9) Protected Premises
This module covers…
• Methods of keeping your business premises safe
• Potential threats and ways of countering them
• What people-based controls are
• Dealing with unfamiliar faces in a non-public place

(10) Virus Vigilance
This module covers…
• Applications which are susceptible to viruses
• How to handle emails you suspect to have a virus
• How to identify that your system has a virus
• Maintaining virus protection

(11) Risk Management
This module covers…
• An introduction to Risk Management
• Outline of the Risk Management Process
• The four Ts of Risk Management
• Roles and responsibilities relating to Risk Management
• The benefits of good Risk Management

(12) Advanced Fee Frauds
This module covers…
• An introduction to Advanced Fee Frauds scams
• How to avoid becoming a victim
• The potential consequences of being a victim
• Where to go for help if you become a victim

(13) Keeping it clear
This module covers…
• Adopting a clear desk policy
• Best practice advice on how to store information
• The consequences of not keeping a clear desk
• The importance of locking your computer screen

(14) Secure Printing
This module covers…
• The dangers of printing classified information
• Best practice regarding documents
• Safe usage of the fax machine
• Ensuring your confidential documents safety

(15) ISO 27001
This module covers…
• What is ISO/IEC 27001?
• How does it protect my company?
• What is meant by Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity?

(16) Anti Bribery
This module covers…
• Innocent gestures that can be perceived as bribery
• Consequences of accepting a bribe
• Dangers of offering gifts and incentives
• Responsibilities for preventing bribery

(17) ISO 14001
This module covers…
• The importance of an Environmental Management System
• The requirements to lowering your carbon footprint
• What you can do to lower Co2 emissions in your office

(18) Health & Safety
This module covers…
• The importance of risk assessments
• How injury at work can affect the business
• Who is responsible for health & safety?
• What can happen if health & safety isn't controlled

(19) Data Protection
This module covers…
• Introduction to the Data Protection Act 1998
• What a Subject Access Request is and how it should be dealt with
• The 8 principles of Data Protection
• Who is responsible for the protection of data
• Why Data Protection is important

(20) Business Continuity
This module covers…
• An introduction to Business Continuity
• The benefits of Business Continuity Planning
• Why Business Continuity Planning is important
• Who should be responsible for business continuity planning

(21) Social Media
This module covers…
• Know what is acceptable and what isn’t when using Social Media.
• How to effectively use Social Media to your benefit.
• How Social Media could cause damage to your business.

(22) Risk Management
This module covers…
• The four Ts of risk management
• How to use these effectively at work
• The benefits of doing it right

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