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Electronic Records Management

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The Compugoal Enterprise Document and Record Management System

Compugoal's   eDRMS Overview

E-Docs Enterprise document management system is easy to use and produces indexed archives that can be stored in user-defined hierarchy of folders. The output can be searched by key words or properties of the documents or even on a full text basis. What's more - It is even possible to copy the indexed documents and proprietary Doc Viewer onto a CD-ROM or even a web location. It is also possible to define folder level access controls.

The main steps involved in the process of storage and retrieval are:-

1. Definition of hierarchy of folders by users and printing bar codes from E-Docs using Capture Client application
2. Scanning documents along with the bar code sheets
3. Converting images into text using Text Extractor
4. Indexing the text using e-Doc Manager
5. Storing the images, text and the index in the relevant folders
6. Retrieving the documents using the search features and viewing them in the Doc Viewer
7. Version controlling of the documents with single checkout feature
8. Subjecting documents to a specific workflow involving various actions and user verifications.

The description is as follows:-

1. The folder structure can be created on any windows machine using Capture Client application: - For example; if documents pertaining to year 2002 are to be stored in a directory      then a directory named YEAR2002 can be created.
2. For each folder the system (Capture Client application) creates a barcode. The printout of the barcode is used to store scanned documents in the folder.

3. When a folder is created security can also be set to the folder so that only certain users and groups can be provided the relevant access to the documents in the folder. The        various types of permissions allowed are No Access, Search, Read Only, Read and Write, Delete and Full Control.
4. Once a folder is created additional information in the form of Meta data can be set. Index Data and Key Words are the two forms of Meta data that can be added to a folder. User     defined fields can be created and data can be added to those fields for each of the folders created.
5. All documents which are to be stored in a particular folder are placed after the barcode sheet of the folder and scanned.
6. The software automatically stores the documents after the barcode into the folder to which the barcode pertains.
7. To search for documents it is necessary to convert the images (obtained after scanning the documents) to text this is done through an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine.     This allows searching for any word through the documents. After converting the images to text, the position of each word of the text is stored i.e. indexed. This helps in searching     for full phrases (e.g. 'rains in Mumbai') rather than words only.
8. The Document Management System has a browser-based Viewer which has the following advantages :
• It allows for page navigation, for instance, if 5 pages of a magazine article have been scanned then user can go from page 2 to page 3 through the 'Next' button on the viewer    rather than opening pages separately
• It allows for zooming in and out, rotating the page etc.
9. E-Docs provides a comprehensive version control though Capture Client with the following features:
• Version history - User can view the detailed history of a document and can view any of the versions of the document.
• Latest version download - By default the latest version is downloaded for the user to work upon.
• Check-in/Check-out control - This feature allows the user to check out a document for working on it and Check it back in once the modifications are done.
• Single User Check Out option prevents multiple users from editing the same document simultaneously thus maintaining the documents authenticity.


• E-Docs have a simple yet extremely powerful workflow system, which allows the various users of the organization to route the documents to appropriate users.
• The administrator can create various workflow templates and apply those templates to various documents so that the documents can follow the rules laid down in the workflow    template.
• The E-Docs WorkFlow provides automatic e-mail notifications when specified events, such as placement of a document in a folder or when a document is finalized by one of the    users in the workflow.
• Reports based on the status of a document in a workflow can be generated for supervision.

General Features
• E-Docs Enterprise is a multi-user system that can be deployed on LAN/WAN. The browser based search component can be deployed even on Internet.
• E-Docs are operable on PCs with Windows 2003/2000/XP/NT.
• E-Docs Enterprise is compatible with any ODBC compliant database like SQL Server, Oracle etc. Based on client preferences, software can be configured with any of these     databases.                
• E-Docs DMS is designed with intuitive and user-friendly GUI with icons, hotkeys as well as menu options for features. Detailed screenshot based tutorial and help is also available    within the application.
• E-Docs support multiple concurrent users.
• E-DMRS and Asset Management System are .NET compliant.

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