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Responsive Web Design
In an economy where many businesses see the majority of their visitors using mobile devices, and where search engine ranking depends more and more on mobile-friendliness, having a focus on mobile has become a critical aspect of any web presence.
Adjust your site to fit the display
One of the most common ways to support a mobile-friendly website is by using a “responsive web design,” which adjusts the flow of elements on the page to the best fit for each device — whether desktop, tablet, or phone.
Responsive web design (or RWD) can make a website perform well on all kinds of screen sizes, without requiring a separate mobile website (which is sometimes necessary, but is best done after RWD).
Responsive for Best Performance
Compugoal is well-versed in RWD graphics and coding, having completed responsive designs for many of our clients. These clients have seen increased mobile sales and higher mobile conversion rates, as a direct result of responsive improvements.
We use any tools we need to best suit your needs. Sometimes this means using lightweight custom RWD code we’ve written, and other times it means using frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation to complete the task.
We are also adept at additional adjustments that go beyond responsive design and further improve the speed and performance of websites on mobile devices.
While RWD is very important and provides great results, we are also adept at additional adjustments that go beyond responsive design and further improve the speed and performance of websites on mobile devices.

JavaScript (React, Vue, Angular)
If you’re an innovation-loving professional, you’ll love hearing about our experience creating extremely fast and slick user interfaces.
We’re always staying on top of the latest developments of technologies that give our clients the competitive edge. One example is our experience in using the technology called Angular (once known as AngularJS). Developed by Google, Angular allows for creating snappy and very clever user interfaces.
Whereas in the past users had to wait for their web page to reload to see new data, with Angular your users will have the same experience as they have using normal/native applications on their computers — the data being presented is available instantaneously.
Angular can also be used for building some kinds of mobile applications that run on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, without the need to spend money on building them all separately.
We also are experienced with several other popular JavaScript frameworks similar to Angular, including React, Ember, D3, Backbone, Knockout, jQuery, and YUI, to name a few.
We’re all using applications like Twitter, Gmail, or Facebook. Even though there’s an enormous amount of cleverness developed on these companies’ servers, these applications would not gain any popularity if not for the tremendous effectiveness in how they interact with their users. All this interactivity is developed in the standard programming language JavaScript.
No matter what kind of web application one wants to develop, the vast majority of the important code will need to be written in JavaScript, because most often, out of this code, the user-facing features emerge. JavaScript has become one of the most important aspects of a successful website.
It’s not just in major websites like Facebook that the level of interactivity has grown so much. Your competitors right now have to deal with a lot more of it than they had to 10 years ago. For all of this, you need a very experienced and professional team of JavaScript developers.
We bring you all this needed experience, and we’re ready to take all this complexity and make it look very simple and hassle-free.
Compugoal’s website analytics specialists work closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive plan for actionable insights and stronger performance based on our expert analysis. The most common toolkit for this is Google Analytics, but we have also worked with Piwik and Open Web Analytics, as well as custom tools.
We begin by identifying opportunities for impact. We work with our clients to develop a situation-specific game plan based on trends and opportunities within your industry. This strategy allows us to identify the greatest opportunities to strengthen and optimize the online presence of our clients.

Optimal Efficiency
Our team’s analytics expertise, combined with our strong problem solving abilities, leads to consistently strong ROI for our clients. We carefully determine metrics that will best help track efficiency of campaigns for online advertising, ecommerce promotions, email marketing, and more.
In an effort to create lasting change, we are happy to work with all functions of your business in order to ensure that findings from analytics are being utilized most effectively. We also can train all departments within your company to get the most out of these analytics, to ensure no insight goes to waste.
Working with You
Our analytics team can work with you on individual projects, or as part of more comprehensive company initiatives. Once Compugoal has created the framework for support and analysis, our team will provide ongoing assistance to track changes and provide recommendations as necessary. Our team will regularly relay the most important information and takeaways that can help your organization grow. We look forward to connecting with you and discussing your company needs!

Android & iOS
Compugoal’s Android and iOS mobile app developers can develop your mobile app from beginning to end, or take over work on an existing mobile app. Our strategy, design, and technology expertise will give you a mobile app that is best in class. We specialize in web apps that are tied to your website and driven by data provided by APIs on your website or third-party services.

Do I need a Mobile App?
Compugoal focuses on the overall user experience, not any one technology. For most applications, user interaction centers on a friendly, functional website. But when you want to provide location-based functionality, use hardware sensors, or allow offline or disconnected data access or collection, a native mobile app can be exactly what they need.
Sometimes no special mobile app functionality is called for, so a website that works well on mobile phones and tablets is all you need. Skipping or delaying making a native mobile app can then be the better choice as it removes the cost of separate app development, testing across mobile platforms and versions, and ongoing maintenance.
We can advise you on your options and make recommendations to help you get the best user experience without unnecessary costs.

Our UX design team will help create a smooth and engaging user experience, and will also help ensure that your app is consistent with your brand identity.
Compugoal’s talented mobile development team will help you realize your vision. Whether you need a native iOS or Android app or both, we will ensure your success and be with you on your project from start to finish.

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