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Network Installation

Network Installation
Designing a computer network can be simple or very complex. Most small businesses have simple computer networks, which require some design considerations. As a computer network becomes more complex by necessity, the design of that system must be carefully considered. Items that must be considered are applications, operating systems, workstations, servers, switches, and firewalls.
Whether your company requires off-the-shelf applications and the associated configuration or something truly unique to help solve an issue or reach a goal, Compugoal Computer Services, operating in Nairobi, can help you build your computer network. We have many years of experience in dealing with different types of software and applications available in all different industry sectors. Every business needs a type of software such as accounting, inventory, or specialty software. Small to large, easy to complex, let us know your application needs and we will work to find, install, and configure the best fitting software for your business’s computer network.

Applications, such as operating systems, often times need patching and after a few years of use require upgrades to get the newest features to keep your computer network working at best quality. Many times, this is a simple process to complete but other times it is not and requires precise control over the process in order to be successful. Applications that require databases are among the many that are often difficult to patch and upgrade. Compugoal Computer Services’s computer-network specialists can handle these simple to complex tasks for your business.

Hardware has to be a consideration in our computer networks. Old hardware is designed for the old software, but over time even hardware has to be replaced. Designing you network requires the expertise of a professional to know the types of hardware that will last. Compugoal Computer Services technicians are experts in hardware able to select the best hardware for your business.
Internet connectivity is almost a requirement for all people and businesses in today’s world. It opens up your business to new opportunities. Compugoal Computer Services, a longtime fixture in Nairobi’s Kenyan, market, has experience in figuring out what a company needs for an internet-connectivity package as part of your computer network. We will evaluate your current needs and find a package with the available providers that works best for your business in return value and cost.

Compugoal Computer Services Computer & Business Solution is the best choice for your business to design, build, and install your computer network. Compugoal Computer Services will give your business the highest quality of service, so that our solutions can be the best for you. Compugoal Computer Services technicians want to be there for your business.

LAN (Local Area Network)
A LAN network is the environment that runs your company. A LAN is made of the computers, servers, printers, and other network device that you may use. This internal network allows your employees to communicate with each other.

WAN (Wide Area Network)
A WAN network brings many locations of your business together. This requires often that you route your network through the internet using a VPN for secure network transfers. WAN networks have to be used by many business to increase employee productivity.

VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)
A VLAN is part of your LAN. VLANs are a way of breaking your network into pieces so that each VLAN can be managed separately. VLANs are not a physical device, but are virtual network setup on a router. Each network can be allowed access to the other network or closed from all networks. This is another way of controlling the access of information.

RADIUS is a function of Windows server that allows for the router to communicate information to the server.

Router Setup
What is a router? It’s a device that sits between the internet and your company’s computers. Its primary job is to take incoming information from the internet and route it to various computers within your business network.

Routing is part of every network. As your business grows, so will the complexity of your network, which means that you have to have devices that will manage your network. Routing is the road map to your network. Routing tells your computers were to find the Internet, a server, or a printer. If your network is properly routed, then all your information will be timely seen on the network.

Bandwidth is more and more a need in today’s business network. Consider the bandwidth that a network can handle both inside and outside. For most networks today, a gigabit ethernet environment is preferable because of the need of your workstations, servers, and software.
Access to the internet is an issue with many business, because their bandwidth out does not meet the requirements of the business. At HCP Computers, we can help you find the right solution that meets your business needs.

The firewall of a router is the first defense of your network. A firewall scans the outgoing and incoming traffic of the network to the Internet. This prevents undesirable sites or hackers from accessing your network. Firewalls are also used in routing setup; by placing firewalls between networks, you can divide the network into pieces which blocks users for different areas of the network. If your company needs more security between users, then a firewall can help to prevent unwanted access.

Security for a company is a frequent battle. Most every company has a type of security on their networks. Security features are some of the following:
1. Network password
2. Usernames and passwords
3. Network filtering
4. VPN (Virtual Private Network)
5. Etc.
Security helps us to protect our company and customer information from attacks. Protecting from those attacks keep us from the problems that will arise.

Server Setup
In today’s marketplace, there are quite a few vendors that sell hardware servers. There are even places where one can go to build your own DIY servers. With these vendors, there is an almost endless supply of configurations a customer can make for a server. Here at COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES Computers, we’ll take the guesswork out of figuring out what server fits your business and needs.

Server Design
COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES will handle the server design or the specifications of the server that will make it work perfectly for your goals. COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES matches the needs of your company with the server setup that will make you successful. Successful in the business world means that your employees are able to work with your server equipment seamlessly.

Budgeting for a server
When COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES plans a server for your business setup, we look at your budget. There are many server setups that can meet your business needs. This means that we can find a setup that fits within your budget.

Server installation
COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES doesn’t just stop at the server specs; we also fully handle the setup and configuration of the server once it is on site. COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES comes to your place of business to do all server setup. COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES also ensures that when a server is being set up that the transition is easy for your employees.

Server Monitoring
Once your server is installed, we will monitor the server for you. Monitoring your server means that COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES takes the time to know what the problems are with your server. Monitoring helps increase the life of your server and decreases the chances of losing data.

Server Maintenance
Here at COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES computers, we like to do monthly and semi-annual maintenance checks of your servers. These checks enable us to determine if your server is up-to-date and find any hardware problems. Maintenance of the server is important, because we find problems before they affect your business.
Is your network able to handle all the traffic your company generates? Are there computers in your organization that require network access, but you have no idea on the best solution? Do you have some newer hardware from a different vendor that you think you were oversold on? These are a few of many questions COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES Computers Inc., based in Bangor, Maine, will be asking about your company’s physical network. We evaluate what you currently have in place and whether this meets or exceeds what you actually need. If your company needs more networking capability, we then will efficiently and effectively design a network that fits for you. COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES’s teams of very knowledgeable IT technicians will then set up and configure the network design for your company. Here at COMPUGOAL COMPUTER SERVICES, we don’t just stop at designing and implementing a network for your company; we also offer the service of monitoring your network remotely and completing on a schedule preventative maintenance so you can rest assured that downtime will be as minimal as possible.

Load balancing
Firms which use the internet or “Cloud” options as a big part of their business will often have multiple internet providers. This requires load balancing or failover redundancy capabilities on the router to maintain and optimize their businesses internet connections. HCP technicians can help you to select the best router for your firm and then install and configure it for peak efficiency.
Load balancing also is a way of increasing your bandwidth to your company. Internet bandwidth is a common problem in Maine because bandwidths are smaller per ISP in the area. HCP can help you mitigate these issues with the right router to use ISP’s together. This means that you company can have the bandwidth you need.

Router consulting
Choosing the right router should start with a thorough assessment of your business’ needs and projected future growth, balanced against what you can afford as part of an integrated network. Compugoal Computer Services can help you with this assessment.

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