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Web Design & Development

Web Design
The convergence of Art and Science at Compugoal Computer Services.

You're not sure how to present your great idea? Let us bridge that gap for you. Our web designers see the world in a different light.

We don't just design websites, we design great digital experiences. With your help, we travel Compugoal's six step path to Web Design success. This involves us all working together to research and discover the types of people who use your website, the reasons they use it, in what manner they use it, and what can be done to ensure that the experience is as pleasant as possible and leads to the fulfillment of your digital goals.

Step 1: Personas
Do you know your audience? How about we engage in a process to work out the core user types who visit your website, why they visit, and why they return (or don't)? Let's give these people real names, real attributes, and real life scenarios to see how they interact with your site - let's give them personas.
Step 2: User Stories
Different user types (personas) need to do different things on your website. For example, your admin needs a login form so she can add a blog post; your researcher needs a search facility so he can find information. During the discovery and design phase of your project we will document all the features and needs of your user groups. We can use these later on as part of the user acceptance testing (UAT) phase to check that the website meets all the desired criteria.

Step 3: User Journey
We will work with you to create a design that ensures your users get from A to B to ... wherever you want them on your website. Want a better return on investment? We've got a user journey for that. Want more signups on your mailing list? We've got a user journey for that. Want something else? You bet we have a user journey for that too!

Step 4: User Interface
We are going to design a great website for you. It's going to look as superb on desktop screens as it will on tablets and phones. We design all our websites with a "mobile-first" and "user-centered" approach. We were one of the first agencies in Kenya and Africa to work this way.

Step 5: User Experience
We are not going to just make a great looking website. We will also make sure that the user enjoys using it. We'll make sure that their experience is such that they will return to your site. Again and again and again.

Step 6: Accessibility
When we build websites we ensure that they are WCAG AA compliant at a minimum. Our code is written semantically, our images are tagged correctly, we provide high contrast versions of our stylesheets, text sizes can be increased at the click of a button. We care about all whom may use our websites.
As you can see, the task of creating a unique look and feel that presents your organisation to the world while taking all of the above on board is no mean feat.
We have masses of experience of taking brand identities and making them work on the web.
Ready to accompany us?
Whenever you're ready, we're at your service.

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Call:+254740920103 or Email:sales@compugoal.co.ke

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